Build A web Site With More Than One Product

In the competitive world of Internet marketing, it is very hard to make a decent income with a web site that only deals with one product. There is only so much of one product that you can sell, so in order to be successful for more than a year or two, having a web site that carries a wide selection of products and information is the way to go.

As you build a successful web based business stay away from:

  • MLM
  • Chain Letters
  • Matrix Schemes
  • Recruiting Schemes
  • Illegal Products
  • Check Cashing Or Gifting Programs

Those types of programs will only lead you to failure and loss of time and money. Instead, try a few of these ideas:

Create A Versatile Web Site

As you make your own website,  break down your site into different categories, sections or themes. On your home page welcome your customers and have brief descriptions about the different areas of your web site. Use a paragraph or two to describe each section.

Offer Something For Free

People love free stuff, so either offer them something free to go along with their order or offer them something free just for visiting your site. Always have them sign in before giving out a free product, that way you can put their name on your list and offer them other promotions from your web site via email and such.

Create An Ad Page

Have a page or two on your web site dedicated to advertising from other web sites or affiliate programs that you can make a commission on. Use banners instead of text ads, they look better, get peoples attention and you can fit more on the page. These ads you can have other web sites pay for the space or do link and ad exchanges with them. By exchanging ads with other sites, this will give more exposure to your web site at no cost to you.


Always have an interesting Blog that has articles that deal with the types of products that you carry and with links built into the Blogs that people can click on and immediately go to the place on your web site that sells that particular product. Also you can recruit other people to write a guest Blog on your site offering their opinion or review of some of your products.

Offer A Product Finding Service

A lot of times people will visit your web site and not quite find what they are looking for and send you an email inquiring whether you carry or can get a certain product. By being able to locate the product that they are looking for and sell it to them at a small profit, this little area of your web site you could bring in a good potion of your income.

Customer Service

Do not leave your web site unattended. There are no days off when you run a web based business. Always be prompt and professional when it comes to answering emails from customers. The better your customer service, the more income you will generate.